Veil Shifter

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Veil Shifter
Veil Shifter full art.png
Confound your enemies, forcing them in and out of this realm at your whim.
Basic info
School Veil Demon
Role Support Support role.png
Gold 9000 QC points 750

The Veil Shifter is one of the classes of Veil Demon.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Veil Shroud[edit | edit source]

Veil Shroud.png Veil Shroud
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 1
Cooldown 60 seconds
Description Creates a dome that prevents projectiles from entering. Allies within the dome gain 25% Bonus Ranged Damage Lasts 180s or until caster places another.

  • Can be used to protect bosses or elites from ranged heroes, forcing them to either leave your creature alone or get in close.

Veil Sight Curse[edit | edit source]

Veil Sight Curse.png Veil Sight Curse
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 2
Max Charges 3
Charge Cooldown 50 seconds
Description Curse target enemy, obscuring their vision and preventing them from seeing or targeting anything beyond 5m. Lasts 10s.

Cerberus Core[edit | edit source]

Cerberus Core.png Cerberus Core
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 3
Max Charges 6
Charge Cooldown 8 seconds
Description Summons a shard of Cerberus that arms after 3s. Once triggered it explodes dealing 500 damage. Deals 50% Bonus Damage to any enemy previously hit by Cerberus Core in the last 2s.

Veil Fade[edit | edit source]

Veil Fade.png Veil Fade
Type Summon Trait
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Elite minion allies fade into the Veil on summon and become visible after using basic attack or spells. Veil Fade refreshes every 8s.

Veil Rift[edit | edit source]

Veil Rift.png Veil Rift
Type Signature (Conjuring)
Key Controls
Cooldown 25 seconds
Description Creates a rift that shoves target enemy behind the Veil. While in the Veil, Possess is replaced by Veil Shock and can only be used within the Veil. Captured enemy can be attacked until they escape back through the rift . Lasts 120s.

Veil Shock channels 250 damage every 1s and applies a 20% Slow.

Target enemy will be thrown in the direction you are facing and both you and the target will enter the veil. A portal will open at the location where the target was standing when you cast the ability, and they have to get to that portal to leave.

  • While in the Veil, the target can not see or interact with any creatures, players, or effects not in the Veil and they can not interact with the target, with the exception of Veil Demon spells.
  • Your posses (default Controls) is replaced with Veil Shock. To use Veil Shock, target the player and hold the button down. It will deal damage every second it is kept on them.

  • Try to throw targets off ledges to make their journey back to the portal longer.
  • Lay traps near the portal or along the path back to it to deal additional damage and slow them down.
  • Veil Shock does high damage. Try to keep it active as much as possible.
  • If you can set up beforehand, you can set traps and then throw the target into them, so they can not avoid them.
  • The prismatic gem Reverse Knockback will knockdown the target directly on the portal making them instantly exit the rift.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]