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Taskmaster full art.png
Manipulate and sacrifice your minions to tactfully defeat your enemies.
Basic info
School Veil Demon
Role Assassin Assassin role.png
Gold 2000 QC points 300

The Taskmaster is one of the classes of Veil Demon.

for a list of Taskmaster builds click here

Spells[edit | edit source]

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

Sacrifice.png Sacrifice
Type General (Dominion)
Key 1
Max Charges 3
Charge Cooldown 36 seconds
Description Targeted explodes after a 1s delay, dealing 1,000 damage and high impact. Cannot be used on Boss minion allies.

Translocate[edit | edit source]

Translocate.png Translocate
Type General (Dominion)
Key 2
Max Charges 3
Charge Cooldown 8 seconds
Description Target ally is teleported to you. Must be executed on the ground. Allies below 100 health or 20% health receive 2,000 health. Can only happen once per ally.

  • Does not teleport Bosses

Pain Conduit[edit | edit source]

Pain Conduit.png Pain Conduit
Type General (Dominion)
Key 3
Max Charges 3
Charge Cooldown 60 seconds
Description Ally target becomes Immune and reflects 100% of damage for 10s. Lasts 5s on Boss creatures. If the ally is below 100 or 20% health, whichever value is greater, grants an aura. All enemies caught inside receive 200 damage every 1s.

Inspiring Presence[edit | edit source]

Inspiring Presence.png Inspiring Presence
Type Summon Trait
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Allies near an Elite are granted 25% Bonus Damage.

Command[edit | edit source]

Command.png Command
Type Signature (Dominion)
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Cooldown 8 seconds
Description All allies in the area will attack the target enemy and receive 30% Movement Speed for 30s.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]