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Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Buff Description
Ailment Immunity Immune to all ailments and effects
Bonus Damage Increases damage dealt (Stacks additively, does not affect impact damage or status effect damage)
Bonus Ranged Damage Increases ranged damage dealt (Stacks additively, does not affect impact damage or status effect damage)
Bonus Healing Increases healing amount
Damage Aura Deal damage to all enemies caught inside every 1s
Damage Resistance Reduces damage taken
Damage Shield Blocks a certain amount of damage
Guard Guards target ally so long as distance between you and ally is <10m. Target gains 80% Damage Resistance. You take 75% of the mitigated damage
Haste Increases movement speed, attack speed and cast speed
Immune Immune to all damage
Movement Speed Increases movement speed
Reflect When taking damage, reflect the damage back to the caster
Sacrifice Explode at 100 health, dealing 1,000 damage and high impact
Stealth Stealth makes you invisible to enemies. Removed when receiving AoE damage or attacking
Lifesteal Recover health based on damage you deal to a creature or conjuration maxes out at 100%
Unrevealable prevents Stealth from ending upon receiving damage.

Ailments[edit | edit source]

Ailment Description
Banish Banish freezes the NPC for 10s, but prevents players for attacking it. Cannot be used on possessed targets
Bleed Bleed deals 280 bleeding damage plus 80 bleeding damage per additional stack over 8s. Max stacks 5
Blind Prevented from seeing or targeting anything beyond 5m for 10s
Blood Curse Your attacks against an enemy with Blood Curse heal you for 35% of the damage dealt, plus a flat bonus 35% heal for Bleeding targets. Subsequent attacks against the same target deal an additional flat 300 damage, and heal you for an additional 30% heal. Only one Blood Curse can be active at a time
Burn Burn deals 250 fire damage plus 100 fire damage per additional stack over 10s. Max stacks 5
Burning Tar Burning Tar deals 250 fire damage over 6s. Max stacks 1
Command Command allies to attack the target enemy
Crippling Rake Crippling Rake causes the next damage you deal from a spell to deal 25% more damage. Does not apply to auras. Lasts 15s
Expel Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession for 5s
Fossilize Fossilize prevents use of all actions (Cannot be cleansed)
Frost Snap Frost Snap applies a 20% Slow for up to 6s. Upon receiving 500 damage, Frost Snap is removed and an additional 640 damage is dealt
Hinder Hinder prevents use of Dodge actions
Marked Shot Decrease the target's Damage Resistance by 20%
Pin Pin prevents use of all actions while pinned (Cannot be cleansed, can be interrupted)
Poison Poison deals 300 damage plus 300 poison damage per additional stack over 60s. Max stacks 10
Root Root prevents movement and use of Dodge actions
Silence Silence prevents use of Spells
Slow Slow reduces movement and animation speed
Sow Sow reduces the targets Bonus Damage by 15% plus 5% per additional stack. Max stacks 4
Stun Stun prevents use of all actions (Cannot be cleansed)
Tar 15s}}. Fire damage will ignite the target, applying Burning Tar
Taunt Taunts nearby enemies, forcing them to attack the caster for 8s
Toxin Toxin deals 300 damage plus 300 poison damage per additional stack over 30s. Max stacks 10
Tracking Device Tracking Device lets the caster see an enemies outline through obstructions for 30s
Mummify Mummify Stuns the target for 3 seconds if the target is affected by Scarab Mound
Scarab Mound Scarab Mound deals damage over time for 5 seconds.
Vortex Deals 200 Damage and Pulls enemies towards its center
Entangle Continuously pulls effected targets back to the area the entanglements effect was cast in.
Sight Curse Curse target enemy, obscuring their vision and preventing them from seeing or targeting anything beyond 5m. Lasts 10s.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Effect Description
Cleanse Removes all ailments
In-Air Only able to use Dodge and spells that are usable in the air
Impact Taking enough Impact during a short amount of time will Knockback or Knockdown (Bosses can not be knocked back)
Interrupt Interrupts the current action
Knockback Knocked backwards
Knockdown Knocked down
Pull Pulled towards the caster
Push Pushed away from the caster
Shambler Sacrifice Effect explodes dealing 300 damage to nearby enemies.
Teleport Instantly moves you from current location to target enemy or location
Charge run to your target enemy or location at an increased speed

Cooldown Reduction[edit | edit source]

Cooldown Reduction has a limit of 33%, it stacks additively from Talents and Gems, except for Prismatic gems which are applied separately and do not affect the 33% cooldown reduction limit.

Cooldown Reduction formula:

Spell Cooldown * (1 + MAX(Cooldown Reduction, -33%)) * (1 + Prismatic) = New Cooldown

  • Because Cooldown Reduction is a negative number, the function MAX() will use the value closest to 0.
  • For Prismatics that increase the cooldown rather than decrease it the "+" can be omitted.

For example, Gunslinger's Boom Shot has a cooldown of 8s, with 25% cooldown reduction and the Prismatic gem Boom Shot Cooldown, the formula would be:

8 * (1 + -25%) * (1 + -20%) = 4.8s

Ultimate Accrual[edit | edit source]

  • Ultimate Accrual does not have a limit, it stacks additively from all sources.
  • Spells give 0.25% ultimate charge per 1s of the spell's cooldown, when it is cast. Basic attacks give 0.5% ultimate charge per hit per 1s.
  • Cooldown Reduction Talents do not reduce ultimate accrual, the spells give less ultimate charge because their cooldown is lowered.
  • Spells with stacks such as Bastard Cleave and Transcendent Blast do not give more ultimate charge with more stacks.

Ultimate Accrual formula:

Spell Cooldown * 0.25 * (1 + Ultimate Accrual) = Ultimate Accrual %

For example, Demon Hunter's Binding Circle has a cooldown of 20s, with +40% ultimate accrual, the formula would be:

20 * 0.25 * (1 + 40%) = 7%

Potions[edit | edit source]

  • Potions heal for 60% health. (The flat heal value may differ by ±6).
  • The maximum amount of potions that can be carried at once is 3.
  • The amount of potion crates in a mission is determined by the Ultimates of the heroes, up to a maximum of four, potion crates do not spawn in room 1, 4 or the boss room.
  • When a potion crate is opened, all players will be granted 1 potion, regardless of if they are downed, if a player already has 3 potions they will not receive another one.

Downed[edit | edit source]

  • If a hero loses all their health, they will enter a downed state where they are unable to perform any action other than slowly move.
  • If a player is downed when an objective is won by the heroes, they will be instantly revived.
  • If all non-downed players enter a new room, any downed players will teleport into that room after a few seconds.
  • With the talent "You are invisible to the Veil Demon while downed", you will still be visible to the Veil Demon, but the Veil Demon will not be able to see your downed or revive icon.
  • With the talent "You are invisible to the Veil Demon while reviving an ally", you will be Stealthed while reviving, but the Veil Demon will be able to see that the downed player is being revived (Unless the downed player has the invisible while downed talent). Because you are stealthed while reviving, you will also not be targeted by Creatures.
  • After being revived the player will instantly receive 30% of their maximum health, if they have a potion it will be consumed and heal them for an additional 60% (90% total).

Time to revive:

Heroes Reviving Time
One 4.5s
Two 1.7s
Three 1.1s

If a revive is interrupted, the downed player's revive bar will decay at a rate of 1.48% per 0.1s (6.75s for a 99.9% revive to decay to 0%).

Impact[edit | edit source]

  • If a hero or creature takes enough impact in a short amount of time, they will be Knocked Back or Knocked Down.
  • Bosses can be knocked down, but not knocked back.
  • Impact damage is bonus damage done to objects, it is a flat amount different for each Spell and basic attack, it is not affected by Bonus Damage or damage fall-off.

Mission Rewards[edit | edit source]

During a mission, the first equipment drop will always be for your current School, any drops after that will be from any School.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Killing Enemies progress see the table below Table is per enemy so killing 4 grunts is 10% progress killing 4 grunts and 1 elite = 35%

Creature Progress
Grunts 2.5%
Strongs 5%
Elites 25%

To win the objective you need 100%

Collect Veil Beacons to collect them you need to pick them up see the table below for how many a Creature drops per kill

Creature Progress
Grunts 1 Veil Beacon
Strongs 3 Veil Beacons
Elites 3 Veil Beacons

You need to turn in 40 to win the objective.

Possessing[edit | edit source]

The Veil Demon's Possess Creature spell will give 1000 Health to Creatures. the health bonus is removed on de-possess.

Possessed Boss NPC will receive a 33% Damage buff.