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Gunslinger full art.png
Line up your magically enhanced shots for maximum multi-target damage.
Basic info
School Tech
Role Assassin Assassin role.png
Health 2500
Dodge 2
Potions 2
Gold Free QC points Free

The Gunslinger is a class in Breach. It is from the Tech school and fills an Assassin role.

for a list of Gunslinger builds click here

Spells[edit | edit source]

Quick Feet[edit | edit source]

Quick Feet.png Quick Feet
Type General
Key 1
Cooldown 25 seconds
Description Removes and makes you immune to all Root and Slow effects. Increases Movement Speed by 50%. Lasts 8s

  • Usable in the air

Ricochet Shot[edit | edit source]

Ricochet Shot.png Ricochet Shot
Type General
Key 2
Cooldown 10 seconds
Description Expertly fires a bullet that delivers 100 damage and will bounce between nearby enemies 4 times.

  • Usable in the air

Rapid Fire Clip[edit | edit source]

Rapid Fire Clip.png Rapid Fire Clip
Type General
Key 3
Cooldown 15 seconds
Description Loads a Rapid Fire Clip, increasing the rate of regular gunfire by 40% and adding impact.

  • Usable in the air
  • Deals 6.5 impact damage

Lead Storm[edit | edit source]

Lead Storm.png Lead Storm
Type Ultimate
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Fires a wild spread of bullets in a frontal cone, dealing 2000 damage over 5s to all enemies hit.

  • Usable in the air
  • Passive +1 level potion crate
  • Deals 80 damage every 0.2s

Boom Shot[edit | edit source]

Boom Shot.png Boom Shot
Type Signature
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Cooldown 8 seconds
Description Fires a magically enhanced round that deals 175 damage plus an additional 30 damage per 1m. On impact create an explosion that deals 175 damage plus an additional 17 damage per 1m to all enemies except the initial target.

Passive: +15% Bonus Basic Attack Damage

+2 Health Potions

  • Usable in the air

  • Boom shot's damage is based on the distance between the caster and the explosion, if you are pushed away by Worldshaper's Winds of Auros, Dark Artificer's Aethyr Coil or by another means the damage can be significantly increased

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack.png Basic Attack
Type Basic Attack
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Damage (Impact) 74.75
Description The damage begins to fall off after 20m down to 25% damage at 45m+.
  • Clip size 20
  • Reload time ?s

Additional notes[edit | edit source]

Class Trailer[edit | edit source]