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Exorcist full art.png
Basic info
School Hedge
Role Specialist Specialist role.png
Health 2500
Dodge 2
Potions 2
Gold 9000 QC points 750

The Exorcist is a class in Breach. It is from the Hedge school and fills a Specialist role.

for a list of Exorcist builds click here

Spells[edit | edit source]

Hallowed Spike[edit | edit source]

Hallowed Spike.png Hallowed Spike
Type General
Key 1
Cooldown 21 seconds
Description Deals 50 damage and curses the target enemy with a 25% Slow and 2 stacks of Bleed.

Bleed deals 280 bleeding damage plus 80 bleeding damage per additional stack over 8s.

  • Usable in the air

Confound[edit | edit source]

Confound.png Confound
Type General
Key 2
Cooldown 20 seconds
Description Deal 80 damage and Interrupt target enemy.

Explosive Shell[edit | edit source]

Explosive Shell.png Explosive Shell
Type General
Key 3
Cooldown 16 seconds
Description Deals 500 damage and very high impact to all enemies hit. Enemies affected by Expel take an additional 500 damage.

  • Deals 1000 impact damage

Exilium Daemonium[edit | edit source]

Exilium Daemonium.png Exilium Daemonium
Type Ultimate
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Deals 225, very high impact and applies Expel to all enemies for 5s. Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession.

  • Passive +1 level potion crate
  • Does not deal impact to objects

Exorcism[edit | edit source]

Exorcism.png Exorcism
Type Signature
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Cooldown 12 seconds
Description Deals 200 and moderate impact to all enemies hit. Also applies Expel for 5s if target is possessed. Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession.

Passive: +15% Bonus Basic Attack Damage

+2 Health Potions

  • Deals 600 impact damage

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack.png Basic Attack
Type Basic Attack
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Damage (Impact) 74.75 (40)
Description Fires in a cone up to 10m.
  • Clip size 6
  • Reload time ?s

Additional notes[edit | edit source]