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Exorcist full art.png
Basic info
School Hedge
Role Specialist Specialist role.png
Health 2500
Dodge 2
Potions 2
Gold 9000 QC points 750

The Exorcist is a class in Breach. It is from the Hedge school and fills a Specialist role.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Hallowed Spike[edit | edit source]

Hallowed Spike.png Hallowed Spike
Type General
Key 1
Cooldown 21 seconds
Description Deals 50 damage and curses the target enemy with a 25% Slow and 2 stacks of bleed.

Bleed deals 280 bleeding damage plus 80 bleeding damage per additional stack over 8s.

Usable in the air.

Confound[edit | edit source]

Confound.png Confound
Type General
Key 2
Cooldown 20 seconds
Description Deal 80 damage and Interrupt target enemy.

Explosive Shell[edit | edit source]

Explosive Shell.png Explosive Shell
Type General
Key 3
Cooldown 16 seconds
Description Deals 500 damage and very high impact to all enemies hit. Enemies affected by Expel take an additional 500 damage.

Deals 1000 impact damage.

Exilium Daemonium[edit | edit source]

Exilium Daemonium.png Exilium Daemonium
Type Ultimate
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Deals 225, very high impact and applies Expel to all enemies for 5s. Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession.

Does not deal impact to objects. Passive +1 level potion crate

Exorcism[edit | edit source]

Exorcism.png Exorcism
Type Signature
Key Controls
Cooldown 12 seconds
Description Deals 200 and moderate impact to all enemies hit. Also applies Expel for 5s if target is possessed. Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession.

Passive: +15% Bonus Basic Attack Damage

Deals 600 impact damage.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]