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Engineer full art.png
Employ magic-tech gadgets that peel enemies off of your teammates.
Basic info
School Tech
Role Specialist Specialist role.png
Health 3000
Dodge 2
Potions 2
Gold 9000 QC points 750

The Engineer is a class in Breach. It is from the Tech school and fills a Specialist role.

for a list of Engineer builds click here

Spells[edit | edit source]

Confusion Gas Grenade[edit | edit source]

Confusion Gas Grenade.png Confusion Gas Grenade
Type General
Key 1
Cooldown 15 seconds
Description Shoots a grenade that explodes at target location, covering it with a gas that deals up to 220 damage over 11s and applies a stacking 15% Slow. At 4 stacks, applies Stun for 4s.

  • Usable in the air
  • Deals 20 damage every 1s

Flash Grenade[edit | edit source]

Flash Grenade.png Flash Grenade
Type General
Key 2
Cooldown 35 seconds
Description Shoots a grenade that lands at target location. After 0.5s it explodes, dealing 230 damage and applying Stun to all enemies hit for 4s.

Recall Dart[edit | edit source]

Recall Dart.png Recall Dart
Type General
Key 3
Max Charges 3
Charge Cooldown 10 seconds
Description Fire a dart that deals 80 damage and spawns a beacon at the target's feet. After 2s, the target is teleported back to the beacon and is affected by Root for 1s.

  • Usable in the air

Kinetic Absorption Field[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Absorption Field.png Kinetic Absorption Field
Type Ultimate
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Deploys a field that charges up by absorbing damage received inside the field. Lasts 12s.

Once complete, you are granted 1 additional charge of Kinetic Charged Shot for every 1,000 damage absorbed. Kinetic Charged Shot deals 1,000 damage.

  • Kinetic Charged Shot.png Kinetic Charged Shot
  • Usable in the air
  • Passive +1 level potion crate
  • Kinetic Charged Shot max charges 6
  • Does not generate charges from damage to objects summoned by the Veil Demon

  • If you have great coordination with your team you can coordinate the placement of this ultimate and lure the enemies inside the circle and killing them together for maximum kinetic shots.

Turret[edit | edit source]

Turret.png Turret
Type Signature
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Cooldown 25 seconds
Description Place a turret at your location. The turret targets the closest enemy dealing 40 damage per shot until it is destroyed or the caster exceeds their max ability range.

Passive: +500 Health

+2 Health Potions

  • The Turret has 4800 health
  • Turrets fire in bursts of 8 shots every 4s
  • Despawns if the caster and the Turret are not in the same room

Basic Attack[edit | edit source]

Basic Attack.png Basic Attack
Type Basic Attack
Key How to play guide for Breach#Controls
Damage (Impact) 65
Description The damage begins to fall off after 20m down to 25% damage at 45m+.
  • Clip size 20
  • Reload time ?s

Additional notes[edit | edit source]