Dark Artificer

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Dark Artificer
Dark Artificer full art.png
Summon artifacts from the parallel Earth to bolster your armies and dominate your enemies.
Basic info
School Veil Demon
Role Specialist Specialist role.png
Gold 4000 QC points 500

The Dark Artificer is one of the classes of Veil Demon.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Aethyr Coil[edit | edit source]

Aethyr Coil.png Aethyr Coil
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 1
Cooldown 20 seconds
Description Pull the target enemy to you delivering 315 damage.

Watcher[edit | edit source]

Watcher.png Watcher
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 2
Max Charges 2
Charge Cooldown 45 seconds
Description Creates a destructible obelisk that channels 150 damage very 1s. Lasts 60s.

Watcher has 1400 health.

Grael Bedrock[edit | edit source]

Grael Bedrock.png Grael Bedrock
Type General (Conjuring)
Key 3
Max Charges 2
Charge Cooldown 45 seconds
Description Summons a destructible wall.

Grael Bedrock has 4800 health.

Cursed Siphoning[edit | edit source]

Cursed Siphoning.png Cursed Siphoning
Type Summon Trait
Key 4
Cooldown N/A
Description Elite minion allies gain 75% Lifesteal on targets affected by Slow.

Chronos Gem[edit | edit source]

Chronos Gem.png Chronos Gem
Type Signature
Key Controls
Max Charges 2
Charge Cooldown 60 seconds
Description Summons a destructible object that afflicts target enemy with a 50% Slow for 20s.

If an affected target is cleansed of debuffs, the link to the Chronos Gem will remain but the target will no longer be slowed. Chronos Gem has 1400 health. Despawns if the target and Chronos Gem are no longer in the same room.

Additional notes[edit | edit source]