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Customization refers to the ability to change your character's appearance. These changes are cosmetic, and do not affect your class, although your class will determine what weapon you hold.

Currently, customization options are mainly geared toward your character's face, with the clothing being just a slider between different styles. it's also possible to buy new customization from the in game shop

Facial customization[edit | edit source]

The character's face can be created from a handful of preset face options and complexities. Skin color can be chosen from a range of natural colors, and eye color can be chosen from a range of both natural and unnatural colors. There are a selection of scars and tattoos to choose from, neither of which can be colored. Hair color can be chosen from a selection of styles and colors.

Clothing customization[edit | edit source]

Clothing currently appears to be just a slider for outfit style

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Emotes can be switched out for other ones, you can also switch what things your character can say and new ones can be bought from the in game shop