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The creatures of Breach are mythical monsters brought over from The Other Side. They serve the Veil Demon and attempt to kill the players.

Most of the creatures are inspired by various mythologies.

Basic creatures[edit | edit source]

Basic creatures appear automatically from spawning breaches throughout the level and include smaller creatures like dogs and satyrs. They are relatively weak, but are numerous. They typically have only 1 or 2 health bar segments and deal minimal damage, but can easily distract the heroes.

Strong creatures[edit | edit source]

Strong creatures, like basics, spawn without Veil Demon input, and include things like Novus Warrior or Satyr Healer. They are more powerful than basics but still much weaker than elites, and are often worth paying increased attention to. They don't seem to have ties to any mission and are picked randomly at the start of the round.

Elite creatures[edit | edit source]

Elite creatures are minibosses spawned by the Veil Demon. At the start of each round, the Veil Demon will pick 2 elites from those that they have unlocked which they will be able to summon during the mission. If the Veil Demon has no elites unlocked or is controlled by the AI, the default elites for the mission will be used. Elites will have an added trait based on the Veil Demon's class. Skins for Elites can be purchased from the shop.

When an elite is summoned, all players, whether they can see the summon or not, will hear both a music cue and the heroes saying "stick together" or similar lines.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Bosses are at the end of every mission, and the heroes' main objective. They are very powerful compared to other creatures. If the heroes can kill the boss, they will win that mission.