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Breach logo.png
Genre Action-RPG
Developer & Publisher QC Games
Release date Early Access: 17 January 2019
Full release: Unknown
Platform PC
Price Early Access: 10 Dollars
Full release: Free-to-Play

Breach is an upcoming co-op action-RPG from QC Games. Up to 4 players team up to fight through hordes of mythical creatures and complete objectives while the Veil Demon attempts to thwart them by creating traps and possessing enemies. This veil demon can be left to the AI for a PvE game or controlled by a player for PvP. Players can choose from a variety of classes or mix and match class abilities to create their own class.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Seventy thousand years ago, humanity was on the verge of extinction until a group of Immortals created the Veil, splitting Earth into two realities: one that has the Earth we know, and an alternate Earth where all that we have come to know as mythology thrives. Now the Veil has been shattered and the two worlds are collapsing into each other with catastrophic consequences. You and your friends are among the rare few who can wield magic and defend humanity against this cataclysm.

Breach is a fast-paced third person co-op action RPG. Create your own character, customize your appearance, and choose from dozens of classes with gameplay inspired by multiple genres. Launch your enemies in the air and juggle them with rapid attacks. Play as a classic support healer. Sit on the edge of the action and snipe your enemies from a distance. Endlessly customize your character and class to find your own unique playstyle.

Take your unique character onto Missions across the globe in Solo or Co-op modes with any number of players up to 4. Fight your way through mythological monsters toward a final area where you will face a giant boss monster. Along the way you will be challenged by an all new kind of enemy, the Veil Demon. This smoke-like spirit can possess and empower any monster you encounter and create breaches, pulling in environmental hazards from the parallel, Mythological Earth.

In addition to playing as a Hero, you can also play as the Veil Demon in Solo or Versus modes! Breach also has a Custom mode where you can play with any number of friends (up to 5), playing as either a Hero or Veil Demon.

Achbre[edit | edit source]

Achbre is a meme second name for Breach. It originated on September 10, 2018 in the Breach Discord, when community manager OneLetter uploaded 4 emojis, 2 pairs each consisting of half of a variant of the Breach logo (2 emojis of BRE and 2 of ACH). Users soon reversed the order to create ACHBRE, a name which quickly caught on in the server.

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